Nikoline Werdelin (born 1960)

Cartoonist & playwright

Nikoline Werdelin became a ground breaker in 1984 when her comics strip Café won the comics competition in the Danish daily newspaper Politiken. The strip ran for four years and was followed by Homo Metropolis which was published daily in Politiken during the course of two decades.

Besides creating a variety of comics, collections, illustrations and books she has been writing and directing drama since 1997. Her ninth and next Premiere is Friday, Feb 3, 2017, for Stellar family at The Royal Danish Theatre.

Stellar family is a story about the dilemmas of the modern patchwork family where everyone’s readiness for change is constantly being challenged. With caustic comedy and frivolous gravity this comic tragedy focuses on the most important aspects of our lives: our relationships and the families of our own making.

With Stellar family, playwright Nikoline Werdelin returns to the Royal Danish Theatre for the first time since 2005. The play is her ninth. She is the recipient of several Reumert Awards, including one for Playwright of the Year, and she has received the Holberg Medal.

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Interview with Nikoline Werdelin: Homo Metropolis returns to Politiken by Lotte Thorsen, January 2010

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